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         Tobias Spitzer
       international ceramic directory
      www.ceramic-link.de / e-mail: spitzer@ceramic-link.de

   The China-Painting-List
"The only online directory just for porcelain painting." This selected List includes personal and business sites from around the world; associations and museums; brush and kiln manufacturers; fine china and potteries; plus magazines, schools and suppliers. There is also a newsletter


Paintings directory and services for painters.
Classification of the artists by artistic movements, sets of themes and countries.


   Porcelain Painters International Online (PPIO)

Features include painting information and online lessons, a teachers database, antiquities gallery, image library, critiques, etc. There is also a free painters forum, e-mailed to members. Some portions of the site require membership.
The PPIO also hosts sites for other painters and suppliers, and has a free community site for painters to share images.

            www.ppio.com/ www.porcelainpainters.com/


An artist's web site featuring beautiful handcrafted porcelain figurines utilizing traditional techniques developed over two hundred years ago.


        The Saatchi Gallery     http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/

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